Why I started this Blog?

Why I started this Blog?

I am a Productivity Enthusiast and a Blogger, based out of Bangalore.

Productivity Practices of Great Leaders and Authors, simply fascinate me.  I follow them through their Books, or Blogs or Social Networks.

Incidentally, I keep a tab on the latest trends in Technologies, Research in Productivity, tools, and techniques.

I firmly believe that Productivity is the basis for a Great Life and Career. If we choose to focus on improving Productivity (in our Pursuits), we can improve and enrich any or all aspect of our lives. Therefore, it amplifies the fun in our lives.

I started this Blog for 3 main reasons:

  1. Share what I learn
  2. Help enrich and transform lives, by helping to improve Productivity Practices
  3. Hear your experiences, your challenges and what you are trying to solve

I hope you enjoy reading my Blog. Feel free to leave your comments, and subscribe to my Monthly Newsletter.

— Vijay Rajamani