How to Complete Your Big Projects when you are unclear?

How to get Big Projects Done

How to get Big Projects completed?

Do you have Dream Projects in mind?  Those Projects you are deeply passionate about. The ones for which you wish you had the time, energy and money; potential game changers, that can transform your life in a major way.

It may be that you want to pursue a long-term course, that may land you a better job. Or a project that may produce a steady passive income stream for you, or a Small Business that you want to launch on the side, or a house that you want to build, a Blog you want to Create, or a Book that you want to Publish.

You may be inspired to plunge in and execute your project without planning and due-diligence. Your burning passion may give a false sense of security and potential success.

Your friend or neighbor may have pulled off such Projects. Note that we have plenty of biases spinning in our head. Hence it is easy to overlook the planning and preparation that went behind such success.

You vacillate between your desire to complete and your anxiety that you may fail. How do you decide? Continue reading “How to Complete Your Big Projects when you are unclear?”