10 Research Backed Ideas to make you Consistently Productive

Consistent Productivity

How to be Consistent in your Productivity?

There are times when I feel totally Productive. My Productivity is in top form. Great ideas emerge from nowhere. My writing is effortless. Words tumble out of my keyboard like Popcorns popping out of a primed oven, in a consistent manner.   I pleasantly surprise myself by breaking my previous records in writing faster, smarter and better.  I call it my Zone or flow state.

But here’s the full disclosure. I don’t get to enjoy the Flow state frequently. There are times when my Productivity dips, I tend to lose focus, tune out, and the quality of my work suffers. Have you ever encountered this? Continue reading “10 Research Backed Ideas to make you Consistently Productive”

How to maximize your Productivity with Deep Work?

Deep Work
I’ll live the focused life because it’s the best kind there is – Winifred Gallagher

This is a review of the book  Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World  by Cal Newport.

Visualize Two Scenarios

Scenario A:

You have been trying to get a deliverable or a task wrapped up in 5 minutes. You are almost there. Just then you get an instant messaging notification beep. Lured by the notification,  when you check, the link takes you to an interesting article, that is an estimated 15 minutes read.

Continue reading “How to maximize your Productivity with Deep Work?”